The Total Solution for DNA Testing – Hereditary Diseases Risk Assessment

Suitable for people of all age group, especially for family planning couple
Product Code: OMO
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  • With a screening of 2,700 genes and 500 genetic diseases, including cancer-related, cardiac-related, intellectual development-related, lung-related, neurological-related and related health risks can be identified by this premium genetic test


  • It maps the risk of getting 500 genetic diseases.
  • It allows you to understand all the potential threats in your future and start early prevention. (E.g. Changing your daily habit and diet or performing a more intensive health check-up).
  • It allows family planning couples to identify each other’s hereditary diseases genetic status and can help one to understand the reproductive risk of having such hereditary diseases, thus having better management of family plan as well as reducing the risk to the lowest level. Result is beneficial for a lifetime. One-off blood test in a lifetime.


  • 6ml EDTA Blood

Reporting Time:

  • Around 6 weeks working days


  • No transfusion of blood 1 month before the test, no organ transplantation

Report explanation by Genetic Counsellor via phone