Post COVID-19 Recovery Health Assessment (Advanced Plan)

The COVID-19 epidemic is still rampant across the globe, as of 13 June 2022, over 532 million cases have been reported worldwide, and 1.22 million confirmed cases in Hong Kong have been recorded since the first outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that most people who have developed COVID-19 will be recovered, while some may experience a variety of post-COVID symptoms after their recovery, such as fatigue, breathlessness and chest-pain. Some experts also pointed out that some patients are experiencing palpitations and long-term effects of the lung, cardiovascular and neurological systems in their bodies. To alleviate the symptoms against recovered persons and hasten recovery from disease, Post COVID-19 Recovery Health Assessment (Advanced Plan) has been launched which included all health check-up items of “Essential Plan”, also covered COVID-19 antibody test, resting ECG, ultrasound screening and ferritin test, offering comprehensive and holistic care for the recovered persons.
Product Code: Post COVID-19 Recovery Health Assessment (Advanced Plan)
Listed Price: HK$4,380.00
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