COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 Anti-Spike Protein Antibody Test (Quantitative)

As recognized by the HKSAR Government, COVID-19 Anti-Spike Protein Antibody Test is designed for population who get vaccinated to verify the efficacy of vaccine and whether the protection is adequate. Antibody test will be conducted with blood samples, then the antibody level can then be indicated and be presented with relevant data, allowing the follow-up with the effectiveness in protection. As a one-time test, it is recommended to be proceeded at least 2 weeks after vaccination. Comprehensive reports will be prepared by 2 working days after the test is performed.
Product Code: COVIDAB
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Why is it essential to perform antibody test after the COVID-19 vaccination?

With accordance to experts’ claims, the production of antibody will be started by 2 weeks after the vaccination, serving as a means of protection against influenza. By means of performing antibody test, it can exemplify how long the immunity along with the level of immunoglobulin could last. With this specific information, it could illustrate with full picture about antibody and help determine the necessity of receiving the booster dose.

How are the two COVID-19 Antibody Tests available in MediFast Hong Kong different from each other?

Both tests are used to detect the level of antibody after vaccination, and also to be proceeded with blood samples. There is one antibody test analyzing merely the level of immunoglobulin lgG, while the other one will also detect the level of immunoglobulin lgM, which is the significant difference in between. Different antibodies, or immunoglobulins, are made in human bodies to fight against different viruses. Tests for IgG antibody and IgM antibody are often used for COVID-19 testing. In general, IgM will be emerged at the first stage of virus infection, while IgG will be produced at a later stage. To undergo a much more comprehensive test, it is recommended to take the test that will verify the levels of both IgM and IgG.