HPV-9 Antibody Blood Test

1) Designed for people who are vaccinated against HPV. The latest HPV antibody test overs all antibodies of the nine-valent HPV vaccine, including HPV6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, 58
2) Inoculate HPV vaccine within the time specified by the manufacturer, corresponding HPV antibodies will be detectable after vaccination to ensure adequate protection

1) Check whether HPV antibodies are present in a person
2) Check the presence of antibodies after injection of HPV vaccine
3) Evaluate the efficacy of HPV vaccines to ensure adequate protection
Product Code: IH9
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When is an HPV antibody test needed?

After vaccination: You can test whether the vaccine is effective and to ensure adequate protection.

Vaccinated before: To detect whether the vaccine is still effective to provide protective.

Is 4-valent vaccinated eligible for HPV 9 antibodies detection?

Whether vaccinated with a 4-valent vaccine or a 9-valent vaccine, you can still take HPV9 antibody testing which can detect the antibodies within both vaccinations.

Reporting Time

Completed within 5 working days

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