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Picture of Pink Health Check Up Plan

Pink Health Check Up Plan

Pink October is breast cancer awareness month. MediFast has special launched a limited-time offer – “Pink Health Check Up Plan” to provide a comprehensive breast health checkup service.
HK$8,400.00 HK$6,388.00
Picture of Gastric Health and Cancer Screening(MG073B)

Gastric Health and Cancer Screening(MG073B)

Recommended for people who care Gastric Health
Picture of Comprehensive Thyroid Hormone Profile(MG065B)

Comprehensive Thyroid Hormone Profile(MG065B)

Recommended for all adults, especially people with hypothyroidism
HK$2,195.00 HK$1,280.00
Picture of Liver Function Profile (MG066B)

Liver Function Profile (MG066B)

Recommended for all adults, expecially people who have fatty liver and three-hypers patient (hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and hypertension)
HK$800.00 HK$600.00
Picture of Domestic Helper Check-up Plan(MG062B)

Domestic Helper Check-up Plan(MG062B)

Recommended for Foreign domestic helper
Picture of Pre-marital Check-up Plan -Women(MG061CF)

Pre-marital Check-up Plan -Women(MG061CF)

Recommended for Women who are planning to get married and have child
HK$1,928.00 HK$930.00