COVID-19 Pre-vaccination Health Assessment

The vaccine pass scheme have been covered to all restaurants, schools and gym centres and etc. All citizens is required to present vaccination record for accessing scheduled premises. In other words, the Government is encouraging the citizens to make appointments for vaccinations as soon as possible. “COVID-19 Pre-vaccination Health Assessment” can be served as a vaccination risk assessment to discover any potential health issues, meanwhile can be taken as a general health assessment for understanding the health status better. Whether taking Sinovac or BioNTech vaccine, pre-vaccination health assessment can help relieve the stress and anxiety towards vaccination.
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Why is it necessary to receive COVID-19 vaccines?

Facing the threats from the new wave of pandemic and Omicron, it is recommended by the Government to complete the COVID-19 vaccination course, which could help protect against the COVID-19 infection. Even if infected, it can also lower the risk of having severe disease and mortality due to COVID-19. Any individual with higher risks (including advanced age or individuals with chronic illnesses), with greater risk of exposure to (due to workplace environment) or transmitting COVID-19 virus to vulnerable and susceptible people, should arrange vaccination schedule regarding the health status, to protect not only yourself but the community.

What are the merits for taking COVID-19 Pre-vaccination Health Assessment?

Following the expansion of The Vaccine Pass, various public premises are open to the public with conditions and limitations after 24th February, and it implies that getting vaccinated is inevitable for certain group of the population. Some people are having concerns on vaccination, mostly due to the possible adverse reactions of the vaccines. Through COVID-19 Pre-vaccination Health Assessment, health conditions and the risks of taking COVID-19 vaccines are easier to be evaluated, whereas the probabilities of incurring severe adverse reactions could also be assumed.

Eight most common FAQs about COVID-19 Pre-vaccination Health Assessment

      1. What kind of tests are included for COVID-19 Pre-vaccination Health Assessment?

        The entire assessment includes basic items, for instance, measurement of blood pressure and pulse, body weight and height and body mass index (BMI) and etc. Blood analysis, blood lipids test, diabetes check-up, liver function checking, renal function checking, coagulation profile investigation and other items, constituting more than 20 items in total, are covered in the course of health assessment.

      2. Why is it necessary to proceed with COVID-19 Pre-vaccination Health Assessment?

        The Centre for Health Protection claimed that, severe adverse reactions after administration of COVID-19 vaccines are generally triggered by the undiscovered chronic diseases, including but not limited to diabetes and cardiovascular problems. In the light of the instructions given by the Centre for Health Protection, patients with severe chronic illness may delay the vaccination, until the health condition is stabilized, i.e. those who have recovered, in remission or the illness is under complete control. Chronic illness includes hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidaemia and etc. In general, most citizens in Hong Kong do not have regular health check-up, hence there is potential risk of suffering from chronic diseases which they do not realize at all. Any individuals coming from a family with medical history of chronic diseases are considered to be high-risk group. To evaluate the risks of taking COVID-19 vaccines and reduce the probabilities of incurring severe adverse reactions, COVID-19 Pre-vaccination Health Assessment is therefore highly recommended, and doctor consultation is also available.

      3. Does it mean that there will be no more adverse effect after COVID-19 vaccination if the COVID-19 Pre-Vaccination Health Assessment is completed?

        COVID-19 Pre-Vaccination Health Assessment can only unveil the state of health before getting vaccinated, yet it does not imply an absolute that is totally free of side effects after vaccination, it will be considered on the case-by-case basis. With the help of pre-vaccination health assessment, any hidden chronic illness could be disclosed.

      4. Who is eligible for COVID-19 Pre-vaccination Health Assessment?

        All individuals who are considering to take the vaccine could go ahead with the health assessment before COVID-19 vaccination, and yet, any individual included in the list below should be urged to take for the health concerns.

        • Any individual who has not been doing health assessment for 6 months or more
        • Any individual who has been suffering from angina
        • Any individual aged 60 years or above
        • Any individual suffering from three-hypers series (hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia) who did not undergo regular follow-up consultation or to be followed up by doctors
        • Any individual from the family with medical history of having cardiovascular diseases
      5. What are the precautions for COVID-19 Pre-vaccination Health Assessment?

        As blood samples are required, it is advised to fast for 8-12 hours before the test, in order to obtain a much more accurate result. Furthermore, it is also recommended to prepare all the medical histories or previous medical reports (if any), so the doctors could take them as references for better consultation.

      6. What are the precautions for COVID-19 Vaccination?

        It is recommended to be aware of the age limit for taking the two vaccines, as both of them are strictly indicated to be used for certain age groups only. For pregnant women, it is suggested for them to consult their obstetricians in advance to injections, given that there is no adequate data about the risks associated with administering the vaccines. For people with chronic illnesses, they need to consult their physicians before vaccination. For people who are not clear about their conditions, it is advised to proceed with COVID-19 Pre-Vaccination Health Assessment and reduce unnecessary risks.

      7. Is it possible to receive COVID-19 vaccination if a flu or a cold is caught?

        With accordance to the opinions from experts, it is suggested to undergo tests if there is possibility to be contracted with COVID-19. If the negative result is ascertained, the vaccines should be taken after a complete restoration of health, which could also avoid mixing up the syndromes with vaccination.

      8. Is it possible to register for COVID-19 Pre-Vaccination Health Assessment, given that vaccination is already taken?

        In order to relieve the anxiety and stress on the health status after vaccination, it is recommended to register for “COVID-19 Pre-booster Vaccination Health Assessment”, which is available on MediFast Hong Kong and for any individual who has already received vaccination.