COVID-19 Pre-Vaccination Health Assessment for Juvenile

COVID-19 has been terrorizing the population in Hong Kong since the outbreak, and face-to-face teaching has been changed to half-day mode due to the pandemic. However, the risk of contracting COVID-19 for teenagers is not insignificant, and there are possibilities for long-term effects on learning and growth after COVID-19 infection. Meanwhile, certain groups of parents are well-aware of the possibilities of serious adverse reactions after vaccinations for their children, which they believe could cause long-lasting effects to their health. COVID-19 Pre-Vaccination Health Assessment for Juvenile, is therefore introduced, particularly for teenagers aged 12-21 years old, to better understand about their health status, which allows them to be much prepared for the vaccination.
Product Code: COVID-19J1
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What is the age limit for the COVID-19 vaccination?

Any individual aged 12 years or above could be considered as eligible for taking the COVID-19 vaccination. In Hong Kong, there are two types of COVID-19 vaccines available, i.e. BioNTech and Sinovac. As instructed by the Centre for Health Protection, Sinovac and BioNTech vaccine are recommended for individuals aged 12 years or older.

What is the difference for the two COVID-19 Pre-Vaccination Health Assessments for Juvenile available in MediFast Hong Kong?

Both health assessments are almost identical to each other, which include the basic health checkup, like physical examination, blood pressure and pulse measurement, body mass index checkup, urine and stool tests. Apart from those, the major discrepancy in between will be the blood analysis (for example, complete blood count and immunoglobulin lgE). Blood test could be used to detect if there is any abnormality in blood cells or immunoglobulins, and to be diagnosed if there is any possibility for having undiscovered cancer.