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Picture of Subhealth Assessment Program

Subhealth Assessment Program

The assessment of intestinal metabolism, glucose metabolism, chronic inflammation, hormones, stress index, detoxification function and basic blood function is presented by an experienced subhealth assessment expert, who provides detailed analysis of hidden diseases and nutritional imbalances caused by inflammation in the body and teaches you to improve your diet and lifestyle habits in a comprehensive manner.
HK$7,760.00 HK$4,500.00
Picture of Jade Annual Health Check Program (MG082)

Jade Annual Health Check Program (MG082)

Recommended for all Men and Female aged 18 or above. Other than the basic health check items & blood tests, this plan includes Urine Test, Stool Test, X-ray Test, Heart Test, Ultrasound Screening and 2 optional Cancer Marker Tests.
HK$6,073.00 HK$4,088.00
Picture of Cardiovascular Health Profile (MG069B)

Cardiovascular Health Profile (MG069B)

Recommended for all adults, especially for people who concerns the health status of heart
Picture of Liver Function Profile (MG066B)

Liver Function Profile (MG066B)

Recommended for all adults, expecially people who have fatty liver and three-hypers patient (hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and hypertension)
HK$800.00 HK$600.00
Picture of Diabetes Monitoring Program(MG060B)

Diabetes Monitoring Program(MG060B)

Recommended for Diabetes Mellitus follow-up individuals
HK$1,693.00 HK$950.00
Picture of Bone Metabolism Analysis(MG075B)

Bone Metabolism Analysis(MG075B)

Recommended for Men and Women who aged 50 or above