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Picture of Herpes Zoster Vaccine (SHINGRIX) (2 Doses)

Herpes Zoster Vaccine (SHINGRIX) (2 Doses)

Any individuals who have experienced Chickenpox could also face the threats of developing. Risks for Shingles grow with ages, stresses, lack of sleep and etc. Once the immune system is weakened, the virus that lie dormant could be reactivated. It is not easy to have a full recovery upon Shingles, as there is chances for relapses. It is recommended for any individual particularly aged 50 or above to undertake vaccination, while the younger generations should also pay attention to Shingles which they may possibly be suffered from. CDC recommended that if you have received zoster vaccine before or had medical history of chickenpox, the above are suggested to receive Shingrix (recombinant) to protect against Shingles.
HK$7,000.00 HK$5,180.00