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Picture of AI Retinal Health Assessment

AI Retinal Health Assessment

眼底是眼球內後部的組織,包括視網膜、視盤和視網膜動靜脈血管,眼底異常是導致失明的重要因素。通過AI視網膜健康風險評估,不僅能了解眼底健康,同時能夠發現可能存在的糖尿病、高血壓、心腦血管等慢性疾病風險,提防隱形殺手。1張眼底照片能評估健康風險,快速發現疾病隱患和視網膜異常。早發現 ‧ 早診斷 ‧ 早預防!
HK$988.00 HK$488.00
Picture of Omicron Neutralizing Antibody Screening

Omicron Neutralizing Antibody Screening

With the rampant COVID-19 epidemic situation still raging, Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 drive surge in cases and become the main COVID strain in HK. Through the Omicron Neutralizing Antibody Screening, you can better understand if there is an immune response after vaccination, whether you may have previously been infected by Omicron BA.1 BA.2 & BA.4/BA.5, and/or have adequate protection antibodies including neutralizing antibodies against future infection.
HK$1,320.00 HK$980.00