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Picture of ColoClear® Non-invasive Stool-based (FIT-DNA) Test

ColoClear® Non-invasive Stool-based (FIT-DNA) Test

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in Hong Kong. In 2019, Hong Kong recorded 5,566 colorectal cancer cases1, making it 15.8%1 of all cancer cancers. In the early stages of colorectal cancer, there may not have significant symptoms. According to the data from Centre for Health Protection, 49% of colorectal cancer diagnoses2 in 2017 were late-stage. This makes the cancer very difficult to treat. The risk of colorectal cancer increases significantly with age, however, colorectal cancer is considered the most preventable cancer. Detection of colorectal cancer screening can diagnose adenomas and colorectal cancer as well as increasing the recovery rate from colorectal cancer against patient.